Why to choose magnetic therapy jewelry

There is a common question for every one to ask - Why do you choose magnetic therapy jewelry

As there are various beautiful and elegant jewelry, for what reason encouraged you to make this decision?

There was a time that Rain would feel backache after Canton Fair. When wear magnetic bracelet for a few days, it  protected her from backache and feel more energy. It was a magical gift for her. What a magic in a small bracelet for her. At the time, she suddenly produced an idea to supply these special bracelet jewelry for people to relieve fatigue.

Magnetic bracelets work by using magnetic fields, which are generated by the earth's magnetism, solar storms, power lines, electrical devices, and even by the chemical reactions of the human body (within the cells and the nervous system).

Health care elements can make people maintain a good mental state, resistance to fatigue, but also improve sleep, improve human immunity.

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Gustavo Medellin


Gustavo Medellin June 27, 2018

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